Wage and Hour Violations

If you are working off the clock hours…. if you are a salaried employee doing the same work as an hourly employee without overtime pay…. if you are an independent contractor that is working exclusively for one business that is controlling your hours and opportunities….  then your employer may be violating state and federal wage and hour laws.  In an effort to maximize profits and lower overhead, employers are routinely pushing employees to work longer hours without fair pay.  The attorneys at Sciolla Law Firm have been prosecuting wage and hour violations on behalf of groups of employees for over a decade.  Even if you don’t work for the employer any longer, you can recover lost wages from any time within the last three years that such violations occurred.  If you have any question about whether you’ve been the victim of unfair employment practices, call Sciolla Law Firm for a free evaluation of your potential case.  Don’t let your employer continue to take advantage of you; stand up for what’s right and for fair wages!  More and more often, reasonable employers are willing to resolve these claims with Sciolla Law Firm without lengthy litigation.  Make sure that you have an attorney that can tip the scales in your favor!


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